Treatment Base Endowment

  • 26 tubs for salt water baths, from the lake and mud baths
  • 6 tubs for plant baths in which there can be realized over 80 procedures per day.
  • 2 tubs for plant baths with air bubbles in which there can be realized over 25 procedures per day.
  • 8 tubs for underwater shower, including one modern bathtub Laguna which allow more than 25 procedures / day.
  • Two clover freshwater pools, for individual hidrokinetoteraphy. This pool is extremely useful in rehabilitation of patients with severe functional deficit. The pool is equipped with a compressor for hidromassage procedures and a lift for persons with mobility impairments.
  • Modern equipment, thermostats to achieve contrasting thermal procedures.
  • Massage shower installation.
  • Salt water pool for collective hidrokinetoteraphy. In salt water heated to 33-34 degrees more than 400 patients / day execute the gymnastics program, adjusted for each category of pathology encountered, under the supervision of trained teachers. Individual work in the pool is ensured for patients who require this.

  • Mud poultice, paraffin
  • General mud packing
  • High frequency electrotherapy with obtaining the effect of thermotherapy
  • Infrared phototherapy
  • A sauna with a capacity of approximately 20 patients

Benefits from sophisticated devices that allow all types of electrical procedures, namely:
  • In the low and medium frequency there are devices for electrotherapy and complex electrodiagnostic,computerized with two or four computer workstations: BTL 5000 BTL 06, and vacuum devices BTL 12.
  • Devices that make combined electrotherapy treatments of low and medium frequency by ultrasound: Sonoplus 591, Sonoplus 464.
  • 8 digital galvanic baths and climate conditioning installation for that space.
  • Instruments for ultrasound having transducers with different sizes and frequencies of emission.
  • 7 short-wave devices,
  • 10 Magneto-therapeutic devices BTL 09 computerized that can simultaneously treat two patients, by using simultaneously two workstations and 60 programs for the various categories of pathology;
  • The electrotherapy sector also has an inhaloterapy sector (12 aerosol devices), where you can make individual or group treatments with various medicinal substances or collective with salt water.

  • UV lamp;
  • Solux lamps;
  • Installation for partial light baths
  • Laser therapy apparatus from "soft” lasers cathegory,with infrared light.
  • Bioptron two devices (polarized light)

  • 9 massage cabins in which there can be treated with traditional massage over 140 patients / day.
  • special form of massage shower massage, underwater shower.
  • massage is done locally or regionally.

  • Four rooms for individual kinetotherapy
  • large room for group activities (6-8 patients organized by type of pathology)
  • rooms are equipped with kinetotherapy medical devices

  • 12 aerosol devices that can perform treatments with salt water and various medicinal substances according to the physician.